About us

Our Mission

Soneil strives to develop long lasting relationships with its corporate customers and distributors through its unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products and services possible, while still delivering outstanding value and through its commitment to providing the best possible customer service.We achieve this through the integration of business, technical and creative skills and by maintaining a consistent focus on the “business needs” of Soneil’s clients.

Our Vision

To innovate, grow, and adapt to the changes in the economy and to leverage Information Technology to our advantage to adapt to the paradigm shift that is transforming business.

Our Values

We recognize that articulating corporate values goes only so far. Living them every single day in the work place is an entirely different matter and one that doesn’t happen without some conscious commitment on our part. And every day presents Soneil with at least a few opportunities to test that commitment.

Our corporate values are a reflection of not just the environment we try to provide to our employees, but also of how we do business with potential partners, customers and investors. These values speak more about our corporate culture than anything else we could say about who we are and the kind of company we’re building at Soneil.

  • An insatiable desire to please
  • Understanding the needs of our clients
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Ethical and fair business practice
  • Innovation and adaptability
  • Flexibility

Our Companies

Soneil International Ltd., the parent company of the Soneil Group of Companies, was established in 1994 in Toronto, Canada by private investors for the business of supplying battery chargers, switching power supplies and adapters. To date, these investors have devoted more than US $15 million to the group of companies.

As of 2015, the group has 22 companies involved primarily in the international trade of specialized power conversion electronics, real estate, manufacture of specialized compact computer hardware and software, and accounting consultancy services. In the near future, we hope to expand into the areas of engineering consultancy, management and information technology, hospitality, shopping malls, pharmaceutical supplies, and gas bars.

Our head office is located in Brampton,Ontario, Canada, just west of Toronto. It features a research and development department, quality control testing facilities, and a warehouse. Some of other facilities include sales office in California, USA and warehouse in New York, USA, dual purpose sales office/warehouse locations in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and China and also sales offices in India and Malaysia.

Arrangements with distributors and retail stores have been made to allow for the sale of specialized electronic power conversion items, such as high end chargers and power supplies directly to end users, apart from direct supply in bulk quantities to users and/or Original Equipment Manufacturers in specialized industries. These items are produced in East Asia to strict manufacturing specifications and tested rigorously in quality control facilities in East Asia and Canada before being shipped to customers. This process has two main advantages. The first, being quality assurance, is due to the fact that development and quality control are handled in Canada. The second advantage is cost control, due to manufacturing being done in East Asia, where labour and other production costs are very low. This allows Soneil to supply its customers with very high quality products at the most competitive prices.