Fazel Ahmad Zekrya (Ustad Nainawaz)Singer

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Name :

Fazel Ahmad Zekrya (Ustad Nainawaz)

Born :




Children :

One Daughter & One Son



Place Of Residency:

Kabul Afghanistan



Year Active:


Fazel Ahmad Zekrya, also known as “Nainawaz”, is the legendary Afghan singer, composer and poet who remained a keen student of art and mysticism throughout his life. The son of Faiz Muhammad Khan Zekrya, Afghanistan’s famous statesman, poet and writer, Nainawaz was born in 1935 in the province of Yakatoot Afghanistan from the marriage of Faiz Muhammad and Bibi Gul Benazir. 
In his early teens, Nainawaz taught himself how to play the accordion and then mastered it under the mentorship of Farokh Afendi from Turkey. He wrote poems and then composed melodies to match the poetic cores. Nainawaz was a passionate artist. His artistry revolutionized Afghan music while giving it a new dimension. Nainawaz grasped mystical rhythms and expressed them beautifully. Most of his compositions awakened spiritual and nostalgic feelings. The great Sufi poet Rumi gave us similar mystical expressions in his “Song of the Nai” “Song of the Reed” and it was not accidental that Fazel Ahmad Zekrya became known as “Nainawaz”

Work List:

Yaade Aan Sarwe Rawan

Tawakol ba khoda